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George McNinch; Professor of Mathematics, Tufts University


  • Email address(es)

    <george (dot) mcninch (at) tufts (dot) edu>
    <gmcninch (at) gmail (dot) com>

  • Curriculum Vita (as of Mar 2014)
  • Address:

    Department of Mathematics
    Tufts University
    503 Boston Ave
    Medford, MA 02155


I study the structure and the representation theory of linear algebraic groups, especially over fields of positive characteristic; I'm interested in applications of their study to geometric and number theoretic questions.

Courses at Tufts

  • In the Fall of 2014, I will be teaching:
    • Math 215 - Graduate Algebra
    • Math 070 - Linear Algebra
  • For a more complete list of courses I've taught, follow this link

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